Last Life |n the Universe + Nostalgia Zines

So we’ve made a couple new things over the past couple of weeks! Feast your fantastic ziney eyes on Last Life in the Universe and Nostalgia. “LLITU” is Big‘s latest zine, a full-color 20-page endeavor featuring his photography from around Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach. Nostalgia is a black and white photography zine by Sara and printed on lavender paper. Her photos were taken at an American high school in Los Alamitos, California.

You can purchase both in our online store!

Last Life of the UniverseLast Life of the Universe - inside pageLast Life of the Universe - inside pageLast Life of the Universe - inside page

Nostalgia ZineNostalgia Zineinside2-sm

- Lowell

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Our first-ever intern Khachonyot Yaempradit!

We welcome our very first intern to the FWC family! We’re very proud to accept him into our fold after some very persistent attempts at working with us. He’s a skillful and thoughtful designer and studies Communication Design at the International Program at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. You can check out his tumblr here and his instagram here He’ll be taking over the FWC instagram for a week, so make sure you follow him on there!

Our new intern Big!

You can call him by his other name… Big: Son of Jumbo!

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It’s quiet before the storm.

Hey all! We’ve been pretty quiet over here for the past couple of months due to our responsibilities as adults and creative human beings (and fulltime workers!) So pardon us for the lapse in blog posts. We’ll be announcing a few new upcoming projects though, for the month of June. So stay tuned!!! If you want to know more about what we’re up to on the daily, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Fighting Elegy + Ekuaaaaaah), and Tumblr. For now, enjoy a few 35mm shots that we recently got developed.

Beach Trees x OceanNol Nol Nol Christina!Hard as a rock.San Pedro LeeOpen roads. Adios!

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