Shotgun Tuding Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Shireen Seno’s latest film, Shotgun Tuding.

The synopsis reads: “Tuding sets out on a journey to a distant town to track down the man who got her youngest sister pregnant. A pancit western set in the late-1940s.” And it’s a prequel to her earlier dreamy/memory-inducing film Big Boy. Check out the rest of her fantastic work here.

It’s a Peliculas Los Otros x Tita & Tita production with the WOMEN:girls initiative, presented by Garang Pictures and Big Eyes Entertainment.

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LA Zine Fest ’14 Recap

It’s been over a week now that the LA Zine Fest has passed and we’ve just been catching up with everything! I was personally super tired coming into the event, but we still ended up having lots of fun! I’d like to thank the LA Zine Fest organizers for putting together such a great event.

Enjoy a couple photos below!

IMG_0567Helm’s Bakery. Culver City, California.

IMG_0560Free coffee all day long, or er. Half-day long!

IMG_0578Traded a zine with Quang Le, we love it!
His exhibit is currently up at As Issued in Costa Mesa, with only one week left.

IMG_0554Paul from Camera Creeps!

IMG_0562And some more zines traded with the rest of the Camera Creeps/ Lokos Only/Applesauce Inc. gang. Thanks guys!!

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LA Art Book Fair 2014 Recap

This past we weekend we tabled at the LA Art Book Fair organized by Printed Matter Inc. at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. It was absolutely amazing, the sheer grandness of it was overwhelming! We met a bunch of new people, saw some old friends and sold out of some of our zines and prints. It was super exhausting but we enjoyed every moment of it! We definitely want to be part of it again next year.

Also, in case you missed us, we were asked to have a couple of our zines at the MOCA store. So look out for that at the Geffen Contemporary location!!

And last but not least, a special thanks to Tania who made our zine stands!

Our booth!

Our booth!


Thank you!

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