Adventures in the LBC

In may my sister Lumi came for a visit all the way from Belgium and we had the best time! Living so far away from your family isn’t always easy but thank you internet for being there.
Lately I’ve been taking lots of photos with my Fuji Instax cameras, so here’s a couple of shots :]

Miss you <3

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OMO 22

We’ve been working on a zine for the past month and are really excited to share it with you.

OMO 22 is a photography zine by An-Josefien Falelavaki, my dear friend from Belgium. Her instant photography is raw, sensual and very emotional and I really hope we got to capture all of this!

I present to you OMO 22, you can check out her visual diary over here!



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IE Zine Fest 2014

Once again we headed towards Redlands on the last weekend of October to table at the IE Zine Fest. It was an absolute awesome event! Thanks to Ray and everybody else who helped out make this happen again. Long live zine events in alley ways!

We were too busy to actually take any good photos but Desilu Muñoz from Applesauce Industries/Lokos Only was there to document some of the goodies.


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